Marika was founded in 1982 with the vision of producing an exclusive line of contemporary women’s fitness clothing. We quickly changed the face of the industry during the aerobic clothing explosion in the mid 80s, emerging as one of the first companies to specialize in women's aerobic clothing. Today, nearly three decades later, we continue to sell women’s activewear in department stores, sporting good chains, specialty stores, gyms, yoga studios, spas, and catalogs. With three different collections, Marika is one of the most familiar names in the women’s activewear market. In fact we are one of the leading manufactures in the growing yoga clothing market today.
The Balance Collection, our fastest growing brand, has carved out a unique niche within the industry as a contemporary line for women who want to combine yoga with other more traditional forms of fitness. Its feminine yet functional design empowers women emotionally, spiritually, and physically while training for everyday living.  In addition to our yoga clothing, we also manufacture Marika Fitness Apparel, our flagship collection. This line offers an uplifting mix of athletic basics and feminine style. Whether working out or enjoying the weekend, Marika’s easy fit and trendy designs are versatile enough to keep up with a healthy, active life.  
The fitness industry has dramatically changed over the past two decades and we have strived to provide the customer with what she wants. We remain dedicated to manufacturing apparel that suits the needs of the modern woman.