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Our Story

Marika is an activewear brand designed for women by women in the heart of fashion and fitness in Los Angeles, California. The original women’s fitness apparel brand, founded in 1982 at the height of the aerobics boom, Marika continues to exude inspiration, energy and confidence into present day.

We understand that between errands, meetings and mommyhood, you need a workout wardrobe that moves with you - with little to no fuss.Whether you’re out for a jog or a 2PM latte run–cute, comfy layers are your on-the-go style. You rack up a step count between daily alarm reminders and reboot between moments of silence that are hard to come by. You want to look good and feel good (and sometimes sneaking a cookie feels really, really good). With your yoga mat always in tow (just in case), you move through your day like super woman personified.

Weekends are no exception. Your morning alarm is an eager six year old, already tired of Saturday morning cartoons, all too ready to start the day (more coffee, please!). From breakfast to team sports to play dates and Target runs - your energy is enviable, your stamina is that of legends. Sundays are the best days. Pancake breakfast (pajamas all day!) and movies at home with the kids. Top it all off with a glass of merlot to catch up on your favorite Netflix series. 

We believe in celebrating even the tiniest victory.
We believe in living each day to its fullest (so go ahead, eat the donut).
We believe in you.

Life is a workout–a seven day marathon of relentless determination. We take the guess work out of your activewear so you can focus on the important things.